Cosmetic Dentistry


Veneers are an established way of improving your smile. They are constructed from a thin layer of porcelain or composite resin and are bonded to your teeth providing natural looking teeth. They are used to improve the alignment of teeth, close gaps or improve very discoloured teeth.

Teeth Whitening

There are many causes for tooth discoloration. At Berkshire Dental Clinic we use two Tooth Whitening systems – Enlighten and zoom ! Ask our Dentists which is better for you.

Enlighten Smiles Tooth Whitening

Impressions taken by, one of our Enlighten accredited dentists are sent to the Enlighten laboratory who will make seal whitening trays for you. During this 2 week period you will need to use their toothpaste called Tooth Serum twice a day. With these bleaching trays and your home whitening kit you then whiten your teeth at home every night for two weeks. Finally you return once more to us for a final treatment in the surgery. By keeping your trays safe and purchasing more home gel from Berkshire Dental Clinic you can top up every now and then maintaining the whiteness of your teeth. We recommend you wear your trays one night every two or three months to keep your teeth at their optimum whitening level.

Zoom! Tooth Whitening System

With Zoom tooth Whitening, we take moulds of your teeth to produce comfortable whitening trays. You apply a small amount of gel into your trays and wear your trays either during the day or at night for a 2-4 week period. The results from Zoom tooth whitening can be very dramatic.

Straighter Teeth

At The Berkshire Dental Clinic we use the three systems to straighten teeth – Invisalign and Fastbraces and Inman Aligners. Ask our Dentists which is better for you.


One of the primary concerns people often have about dental braces is the aesthetic impact of the metalwork on their smile. Especially for adults, the prospect of wearing unattractive metal braces for long periods of time can be very discouraging. Invisalign® offers an almost invisible aligning system that straightens teeth fast and contains no metal. Invisalign® treatment consists of a series of custom-made aligning trays. Our dentist changes the trays every several weeks to fit the new tooth configuration. In addition to the reduced visual impact, Invisalign® aligning trays can be temporarily removed for important occasions – meaning that treatment duration is patient-controlled.
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Six Month Smiles

Using clear brackets and tooth colored wires, you can have the smile you've always wanted from just 6 MONTHS. They are  safe, comfortable, and provide quick results. Using proven techniques and materials, the braces have been specifically designed for adults with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth. 6 months is the average treatment time. Most patients finish around 6 months, but treatment times may range from 4-9 months.
six month smile 3